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Author Topic: New project - integrating my current security cameras into AHP  (Read 3290 times)


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I just added a new project to my X10 project page.

I already had an existing video surveilance system that is much better than the AHP camera package but I wanted to integrate the two systems.

I have an 8 camera multiplexer that automatically scans and switches between security cameras
Both pieces of software (AHP and My security software) receive the current camera signal that is being scanned.
AHP sees whatever camera that my surveilance system see's without any X10 motion detectors or turning cameras off and on as AHP does.

See project #4 for more info: EL34's X10 Project Page

[TTA Edit: Added description to LINK. Nice job EL34! Everyone - PLEASE visit and give EL34 FEEDBACK.]
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