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What Did You Think of This Original X10 Home Automation Idea?

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Author Topic: [User Idea] ULTIMATE DUAL ANTENNA Setup for CM15A  (Read 115200 times)


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Re: [User Idea] ULTIMATE DUAL ANTENNA Setup for CM15A
« Reply #45 on: May 08, 2012, 03:37:27 PM »

Update... I now use Thinking Home for osx (mac). The UI is way better than activehome pro (in my opinion).

Believe it or not... I have a dlink Nas storage down in my basement next to the CM15a that it's usb port can be used as a wireless usb connector.
I therefore run the Thinking Home software off my laptop (macbook pro) and communicate to the CM15a connected to the NAS... wirelessly. No need to have a windows machine connected directly to the cm15a usb connectors anymore. ;D



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Re: [User Idea] ULTIMATE DUAL ANTENNA Setup for CM15A
« Reply #46 on: June 12, 2012, 04:44:56 PM »

Are you plugging the CM15A directly into the NAS? Which NAS are you using? I'm about to set up a CM15A and I may go with your setup too if I run into RF problems, which I know I will lol I would like to keep the PC away from the CM15A since the PC is in a remote room and your idea of putting the CM15A near the electrical panel is a darn good idea. I was already considering some form of wireless USB that I could just attach to the CM15A and it would just communicate wirelessly to either the network or directly to the PC. I've got a fairly big house to communicate around so I've got a set up right now for the CM19A but I want a better one for the CM15A (BNC and 50 ohm vs the F-jack and 75ohm) if I end up needing it. I was also considering just using TM751s around the house for RF reception and then passing the signals on to the CM15A through PLC but I'm afraid that may cause duplicate commands if the CM15A is set to transceive anything for macro use. But we'll see. My main question though is what NAS are you using and did you just plug the USB (from the CM15A) into the NAS, just like you would for extra storage from a USB flash drive?
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