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Author Topic: SDK and inline dimmable module  (Read 5846 times)


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SDK and inline dimmable module
« on: August 29, 2007, 01:51:49 PM »

I'm in need of an inline dimmable module that responds to the preset dim extended code.  The only module I have been able to find that has presets is the insteon In-Linelinc Dimmable Module offered at smarthome.  As I understand it, the smarthome products use the old preset dim codes. Now for the questions:

1) Does anyone know of an inline module or alternatives that support the extended preset dim code (and preferably group commands)?

2) Assuming that I have to go with the insteon module (which is pricey), would someone please explain to me how to use the old style preset dim commands with the sdk.

For example, assume I have assigned A1 as the address for the insteon module.  How would i set the module to 55% brightness. (i.e sendplc a1 PresetDim2 ... )


BTW - I have read the following but am having trouble understanding how to accomplish using the sdk.
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