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Author Topic: Restrict access, globe Icon...  (Read 5710 times)


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Restrict access, globe Icon...
« on: September 10, 2008, 07:16:11 PM »

Hi all,
     Past post talked about the Web Icon.
     this one mentioned how when checking the web Icon with a red cross to restrict access, It will self delete when AHP is restarted. Same situation for me BUT all is working fine with the growing system, but upon checking the Icon and then saving to exit, there is no sign of any module or Macro I check when restarting and no indication under either Activity monitor or find another computer of what might have happened. I did save the original file as I have learned from past lessons how easy thing can become corrupt or lost. So anyone out there in X10 world whom might shine a little light for me to help explain or trace the problem, if there is one on my end. I did try this on both a PC with XP and Laptop with Vista, both behaved the same.

ps. sorry if I am in the wrong topic area. I am sure I will be beamed to the right place :)%
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