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Author Topic: Vanguard vs Multiview+Webview+PanTiltPro  (Read 2785 times)


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Vanguard vs Multiview+Webview+PanTiltPro
« on: October 02, 2007, 09:21:34 PM »

Hello All:
        New to this forum and I've looked through various posts but didn't see any recommendations
on whether it's better to have the Vanguard software, or, the individual pieces (Multiview, Webview,
PanTiltPro & Xray Vision). I'm looking at a package that has individual pieces but the sales rep said
he could give me Vanguard instead for no charge. Any advice insight would be greatly appreciated.

FYI, I plan on using it with 3 outdoor Xcams w/ ninjas and recording to a hard drive and/or VCR. I
would also like to view the cameras remotely (not necessarily record remotely). The host PC running
the software would be either Win98SE, or, XP Pro.

Cheers and thanks


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Re: Vanguard vs Multiview+Webview+PanTiltPro
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2007, 05:19:18 PM »


Thats a good question I'd like to know also.
It appears that XRayVision is limited to just 1 camera, no control tho'.
PanTiltPro allows 4 cam's with control.
WebView scans 4 cam's, but dosen't look like it allows control.
Vanguard scans/controls 4 cam's.

But, I could be wrong to limitations since I'm new to this arena. :)

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