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Author Topic: uninstall plugin?  (Read 35421 times)


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Re: uninstall plugin?
« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2009, 01:49:48 PM »

I got rid of the annoying IWatch screen by effectively unregistering the app.  There's an XML file "ahp_plugin" in the ActiveHome Pro folder, in my case it looks like this ....


    <plugin id="AHXHSS" href="ahp.dll"/>

    <plugin id="AHXANT" href="ant.dll"/>

    <plugin id="AHXAVX" href="avx.dll"/>

    <plugin id="AHXAMO" href="ahp.dll"/>


I used WordPad to edit out the line referencing AHXAVX.  AHP now fires up showing IWatch as "Unregistered" and no more warning popup.   No warranty of course, but everything else seems to be working fine.


Thanks for the tip, Chaz!
I decided not to get a VA11A or VA12A to hook up my camera via USB.
I intend to use my PC DVR (Sony GigaPocket) to record video from my XCam2 (XC19A).

To comment out the line in xml:

I changed:
    <plugin id="AHXAVX" href="avx.dll"/>
    <!-- plugin id="AHXAVX" href="avx.dll"/ -->
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