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Author Topic: Day Shift Condition Macro (a shift workers tool)  (Read 12234 times)


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Day Shift Condition Macro (a shift workers tool)
« on: October 23, 2007, 08:08:25 PM »

AHP 3.206
Runs from the interface
A  night light  in the bathroom is turned on to enable me to see with the activation of a motion sensor when the sensor sends the off command this macro is triggered!
The motion sensor is located outside my bedroom, since no one else gets up at this time it works great for setting flag 3 as a Day shift condition!
This macro is triggered by a phantom macro which was( now use a security motion sensor) also the address for an Active Eye  motion sensor off command.
This macro turns off a bathroom night light  and turns On a down stairs table lamp for early morning it also sets a flag which I monitor for other macros I want to run if I'm working day shift!
The activation of the lamp also confirms Flag 3 has been set! After 41 mins it turns off the livingroom table lamp as it is time I left for work and in case I forget to turn it off myself! ::)

     Macro Name:
      Day Shifts

     Trigger & Condition(s):
      C1 Off and
      The time is between 5:15 am and 5:30 am and

      (F3) Flag 3ON
      Set Flags [3]Flag Command
      (A4) Table LampON
      (A16) Night lightOFF
      Delay for 41:00
      (A4) Table LampOFF

Additional notes:

At the end of each day another macro fires to reset flag 3
I have many macros that watch the condition of flag 3 if it is set AHP  knows I'm not home during the day(I'm on day shift)!
If flag 3  is clear AHP knows I'm home during that day(I'm on afternoon  shift)!
So far this has worked flawless for many years! ;)
The use of the security motion sensor (MS10A) has made it a little less reliable, as AHP needs to be running to get the info from the security motion sensor(reset command) and trigger the phantom module!
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