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Author Topic: Active Eye & Eagle Eye motion sensor turns off even if someone there in range  (Read 6314 times)


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Hello all, I am new to x10 community and wants to know about these motion sensors. I have about 5 of them are installed in each room it is working as its turned on when some one walks in but it turned off after a minute even some one is there inside the room and this is happening in all of my rooms so I know there is some problem from my side there is nothing wrong with the sensors. I am using lamp module, rocket socket, decorative wall switchs. Please let me know if there is any solution also I want to know about the mounting sensor as now I have on top window about 7 feet high. One more thing I want to mention it will turn on again as you hail your hand or do some kind of motion there.



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  • I don't work for X10, I use it successfuly!

The x10 motion sensors detect "Motion" and have a default OFF setting which I believe is 1 min.
If no motion is detected then the OFF is sent at the programed time!
Increase the delay time and test! ;)
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You may also want to be carefull to not use consecutive unit numbers when setting up your motion sensors. Most of the X10 motion sensors send a unit code plus one, on or off with changes in light. Example:  set up the four you have like this B1, B3, B5, B7  not B1. B2, B3, B4.

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