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Author Topic: AHP wall swith turn on but not off  (Read 3175 times)


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AHP wall swith turn on but not off
« on: December 30, 2007, 08:26:59 PM »

I've just installed my AHP starter kit and the modules and wall switches all work when I send signals form my computer but the wall switches to outdoor lighting do not get the programed timed signal to turn off the lights. The lights are activated automatically vial the timer but even though the turn off signal is sent via the CM 15A controller the fixtures are not turning off. The decorator dimmer switch WS 12A is controlling 3 fixtures with 3 100 watt bulbs. The WS467 is controlling two halogen 75 watt bulbs above my garage. A third wall switch (old Leviton device) seems to work flawlessly for both timed on and off comands. Is it possible the signal strength is not strong enough and I need to boost the signal? if so how do I do it? Both problem wall switches are within 100 ft of the controller  >:(
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