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Author Topic: Garage Door Macro  (Read 23343 times)

HA Dave

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Garage Door Macro
« on: February 29, 2008, 03:09:03 PM »

I never cared to publish this macro.. as I am sure it can be done better than I have. I hope someone cleans it up and re-posts it as I continue to get requests for this. I know this works.. as I have been using it for months.

Many commercial units are available that will blink an LED light (generally on a unit/device kept in a bedroom) when a garage door is left open. I placed an LED bulb (nightlight) in a small lantern.. beside my easy chair. Being a BVC user.. and FAN I also set-up a voice announcement. Bill's Voice Commander not only tells me when the door is opening it reminds me every 10 minutes that the garage door is open.

Note that because of the garage door reed-switch I received.... the powerflash unit may operate backwards to the way most people think. My unit is ON when the door closes, and OFF when the door is open.

The 4 macros look like this:

Garage door timer:
 (trigger D8 ON)
Wait 10 minutes
turn ghost mod ON

Garage door closed: (trigger D5 ON)
Turn nightlight OFF
wait 2 seconds
turn ghost module OFF

Garage door open: (Trigger D5 OFF)
Wait 2 seconds
Turn nightlight ON

Garage door reminder:  (trigger D6 ON)
trigger conditions D6 On and
module status Off - Power flash unit
end trigger conditions
turn nightlight OFF
wait 2 seconds
Turn ghost mod OFF
Wait 2 seconds
Turn nightlight ON

In my "BVC Listeners" I assigned voice announcements:

D5 OFF - BVC says:  Garage Door is Opening
D5 ON - BVC says:   Garage Door is Now Closed
D8 ON - BVC says:   The Garage Door is Open

This causes BVC to announce that the Garage Door is Opening - then The Garage Door is Open Every time the door opens (see it in action on a YouTube Video at my Fan Site <link).. However in reminder mode BVC only announces The Garage Door is Open. This is a safety feature... as it allows me to tell if the door was left open... or if it actually being opened.
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Don N

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Re: Garage Door Macro Help
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2008, 12:40:51 PM »

In addition to Dave's excellent example, I offer another way macros can be used to indicate the status (open/closed) of a garage door. 

Situation: I wanted to know when the garage door was LEFT OPEN after sunset.  And I wanted to TURN ON a light in the Foyer for two minutes when the GARAGE DOOR OPENED AT NIGHT ... so as to offer a lighted path inside the house.

Universal Module (PSC01) switch (Door Switch P5) sends an ON condition when the garage door is CLOSED and an OFF condition when the garage door is OPEN. 

Ghost switch indicates whether it's NIGHTTIME (P6 ON) or DAYTIME (P6 OFF). 

Lamp switch for the Foyer lamp (L14).

Door Opened Lite On Macro (Condition; Trigger P5 OFF and It's Nighttime)
Turn ON Foyer light (L14).

Door Closed Lite Off Macro (Condition; Trigger P5 ON and It's Nighttime)
Wait 2 minutes
Turn OFF Foyer light (L14).

Door Left Open Macro (Condition: Trigger P6 ON and P5 OFF)
Turn ON Foyer light (L14).


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Re: Garage Door Macro
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2008, 02:34:07 PM »

Thanks Dave_x10_L   and  Don N for supplying your working macros!
That's what this section was setup for (A library of working macros)!
If everyone bit the bullet, and posted their working macros we would have a Very Large Library!
Lets get this Libray moving so others have something to browse threw that makes creating a macro that works for them easier! ;) :D ;D
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