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Author Topic: Can't focus new set of cameras  (Read 14842 times)

tom j

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Re: Can't focus new set of cameras
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2008, 10:48:05 PM »

I actualy have both wired and wireless cams! ;) :D
I even run one wired cam into a video sender thus converting it to wireless!( to lazy to run the wire)  ;)

Hi Tuiceman say tell me I bought this wired color cam a few years ago when they had one of those you know can't pass up sales  ;) ;D but just got around to trying it out the other day, bad thing to do with x10 stuff a definite NO NO, but anyway when I plugged it in seems like there's some kind of interference, like you might get with a wireless cam. Thing is I didn't uncoil all the wire I guess 100 feet?? think that could be causing the distortion, just didn't want to unwind all that wire that's why I just uncoiled enough to just plug it in. Got a really sharp picture now that I removed the lens cap Thanks!  ;)

Tom j
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