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Author Topic: Wireless Router Interference with PC to TV unit & LCD Monitor Lost resolution  (Read 19476 times)


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Hello! I purchased PC to TV product about 5 days ago and once the entire unit is hooked to my desktop's VGA out (with supplied VGA splitter cable) to the sender unit, now I have 2 distinct problems.

1) My current Dell 22'' monitor resolution is all blurred and I lost the clarity due to the VGA splitter cable, any suggestions/workarounds to restore the resolution? ???

2) On the other end on the Television the Video appears to be fine but the Audio has extremely bad static and constant cracking noise, I believe that may be due to the Wireless router right next to the desktop might be causing interference with the PCtoTV unit. Any clues how to eliminate the the audio distortion? ???

Additional Comments:

1)  I wish if the Sender unit was designed to receive Video input via USB2.0 as extended monitor option, that way VGA display to the monitor is undisturbed.
     Perhaps, I have noticed several products out there with USB 2.0 conversion to extended VGA.

2) I'm not sure the ABCD channels provided on the unit is any efficient to avoid Wireless Routers or Cordless phones running on 2.4GHz frequency.
    I tried to tune pretty much all the channels and tweaked with the receiver unit in several directions & angles but I wasn't lucky enough. :'(
    Anyway I'll do little more testing with the product and if it isn't any better then I'll just return the product.



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  • Connect your Dell LCD monitor to your PC's DVI digital output, and the sender to your PC's VGA analog output.  Most video drivers allow one to specify two different resolutions for the two separate outputs.
  • I was never able to find a combination of WiFi and video sender channels that would completely eliminate the static.  I finally gave up, and bought a non-X10 sender which uses 5.8GHz.
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Awesome!! thanks! for your recommendation with DVI option, I have a PCI video card with DVI & TV out sockets. Let me plug-in that today and give it a try. I'm sure that will resolve my monitor issue. Besides the audio static I guess you're right I must definitely get a 5.8GHz signal based sender unit for permanent/distortion free audio.



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Thought I would provide update on this ongoing issue, I'm sure this can be little helpful to other folks out there.

1) Based on my earlier comments I hooked up new PCI card with DVI output and that resolved my monitor display problem.
        - LCD monitor display from PC -> Output hooked to DVI out
        - VGA out hooked to PCtoTV unit

2) Regarding audio interference with DLink wireless router, I read comments in other forum posted by a gentleman to try the below option and that appears
    to be working in my case quite postively:

        - Tuned PCtoTV unit on Channel D
        - Switched DLink router channel via Admin configuration page to Channel 2, since then the video & audio crackling noise is completely resolved.

Hope this tuning helps! to other friends out there ...Good Luck!!!  8)
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