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Author Topic: Recommended AHP-Compatible Wireless Cam Set-up & Equipment?  (Read 1787 times)


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Dear X10 fans,

a. I recently bought the X10 AHP (with add-ons/plug-ins Smart Macros, OnAlert, MyHouseOnline and iWatchOut) as my X10 starter kit, among other modules. I’m planning to add a wireless security/surveillance camera system as my future expansion project that can be viewed both in the PC (at home or anywhere in the world with online internet connection) and/or TV when needed as well has a recording capability when motion is detected. I don't yet have any X10 camera-related equipment except the software plug-ins. But for now, I only need it to monitor (from inside the house) unauthorized entry/break-in thru my front door when no one is at home. I looked at the X10 site and there are lots of products and choices which can be a bit confusing for a newbie  ::) plus their online LiveChat occasionally takes a while to get answers or sometimes lack more detailed explanation, hence I would like to solicit anyone’s recommended set-up and equipment needed (X10 and/or peripherals) to optimize my existing X10 AHP software w/ plug-ins?
b. I have an existing webcam and software installed in my PC, is it possible to use this to serve as my videocam monitoring system the meantime? If so, what set-up configuration (based on the above AHP software and plug-ins I got and other peripheral equipment are needed, if any?

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Re: Recommended AHP-Compatible Wireless Cam Set-up & Equipment?
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2008, 07:00:35 PM »

Getting the AHP suite was a good choice!  :)% The one down fall is AHP will only see video inputted threw the VA11A video adaptor(if you don't have one check e-bay for a good price)!  As for cams most of X10 cams are of descent quality the B&W cam(low light not no light) cam isn't verygood for interior capture! be sure to get a ninja Pan &tilt it will greatly improve your viewing area per cam that is mounted to it!
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