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Author Topic: Veteran's Hall we need to install x10 system what should be purchase?  (Read 4521 times)


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Our Veteran's hall needs the following. 

1.) We need to turn off our fluorescent lights, there are 16 one way wall switches we want to replace. We have fluorescent lights that have 4 double lamp fixtures connected to one wall switch, so there are 16 banks of lights and 16 wall switches. Any of all of these would need to be turned off.  We need to turn off the lights using our computer, we will not need any other device to do this. It is for our senior moment when we get home and see on our security camera the lights were left on.

2.) We also have two doors that we would like to have a door chime so we know when someone enters.

3.) We have one door that we would like to have alarmed so that if someone entered it would set off an alarm and call a few of our members at our home telephone number.

We have a windows XP computer that runs 24/7 at the hall and we can access it from home
(the computer does not have any serial port, but it has lots of USB ports).

OK,  Before you beat me up, I have read some of the forum entries and looked at the different items that are available for the X10 system but I am confused as to what items we need.

I know how to install software, re-wire a wall switch ,so I think we can do the install ourself but what we should we buy has us stumped.

Thanks in advance for any help that is offered.

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