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Author Topic: Suggestions wanted!  (Read 3559 times)


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Suggestions wanted!
« on: August 06, 2008, 01:30:41 PM »

Suggestions wanted!

Just because I have a burning need to throw more $$s into my “X10 Money Pit,” I’m adding & modifying some circuitry to my setup and am thinking about modifying my approach to sensors & macros.

I’m running AHP with all 4 plugins on a dedicated, and always-on XP laptop.  I do have a VA11A bringing the video from 3 cameras into the system, and I have a CM15a (with 18” antenna) connected at all times.

For security, I have a DS7000 monitoring 2 DS10a’s, and 4 MS10a’s.  There are 2 SR731 repeaters and a V572RF32.  It’s a 2,000 sq.ft. townhouse (2-floors) with a detatched garage.

The current positioning of the components enables the DS7000 to “see” all of its sensors, and the CM15a communicates with everything via PLC or RF.
There is a phase issue and the house wiring is at least 30 years old.  I have already purchased an received an XTB-IIR from Jeff.

Most of my “issues” are from (I imagine) weak PLCs, delayed or simoultaneously executing macros.  Ususally, a single sequence performs just fine, but when multiple “things” are going on, some commands just do not execute.

My plan is to run a new 4-wire 240v circuit from the breaker panel, 15 ft and through a wall into my office where via a junction box, it will feed both phases to the XTB-IIR, and also be split into 2- 120v, 20a circuits.  The CM15a will be plugged directly into the XTB, as will the output from the V572.  I should be able to eliminate phase and weak PLCs issues.

My questions begin with, “Do I keep using the On-Alert plugin?” or do I register  the sensors with the V572, then send transcieved PLCs to AHP and use monitored phantoms?  Or both?  Then do I use the On-Alert devices as triggers or the V572->PLC addresses – or both (as “OR’s”)   - On the other hand, I DO have to keep On-Alert because while my V572 will capture, translate, and transcieve Security SENSORs signals, I’m unable to get it to do the same with the Security REMOTEs.  (WGLDesigns is investigating…)

If I use the PLC’s (addresses) from the V572 and amplified by the XTB, then I can store & execute them in the CM15a and not need/use the laptop/AHP for execution.  Which one is better?  Why?

Subsequentially, do I send PLC’s from AHP or do I transmit RF to be transceived by the V572?

I’m pretty sure I already verified (but will test again) that I NEED at least one of the SR731’s to get the outer DS10a signals to reliably reach the DS7000.
What about my 2nd CM15a?  If I tell it to MONITOR a completely separate HC, doesn’t that give me (in addition to 16 more FLAGS) 16 morePHANTOMs that can be monitored? 

I think I’ve created or enabled too many possibilities and it’s going to take 6 liters of a good single-malt to decypher it all. >!

Any opinions or suggeations will be appreciated - THANKS!

(... and if this is posted in the wrong section, please move it!)
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