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Author Topic: Question about Vanguard / Sentinel Advanced Menu Options  (Read 4614 times)


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Question about Vanguard / Sentinel Advanced Menu Options
« on: September 08, 2008, 12:49:45 PM »

I recently purchased and installed a Vanguard PTZ camera and I'm wondering if someone can explain a few of the advanced menu options...

Zoom Type - The manual gives "WIDE" and "TELE" as the available choices but does not explain the difference in how the each selection affects the zoom capabilities on the camera.   I tried each setting and did not notice any difference, but I'm sure I'm missing something.

Focus Speed - Any advantage/disadvantage to selecting a slower focus speed as opposed to a faster focus speed?

Focus AUTO/MANUAL - I think I understand this but I want to be sure.  My camera is set to "MANUAL INF" right now and if I use the preset buttons to zoom in (or out) from one position to another I notice that it waits to focus until after the camera finishes moving to the new position.   Am I corrrect in assuming that if I switch to "FOCUS AUTO" that the focus will be much smoother from position to position because the camera will do continuous auto focusing while the camera is zooming in/out and moving to the new position?   If this is correct, what is the advantage (if any) to leaving the camera set to MANUAL?



EDIT: Tried "FOCUS AUTO" yesterday evening and it did not behave as I expected, in fact I didn't notice any difference when zooming in/out as opposed to "FOCUS MANUAL"  :-[ .  Also, I still haven't figured out the difference between the "WIDE" and "TELE" Zoom Types. 

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