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Author Topic: x10 software problem in other countries  (Read 4425 times)


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x10 software problem in other countries
« on: December 08, 2008, 09:48:26 PM »

Please read the last of many many emails I have sent to x10.  I live in Malaysia and building a house in Thailand.  I have wired my house to adapt to 120 volts and live part of the year in Malaysia and want to see my house using their software. After several weeks of problems I want everyone to read the last email I got from tech support.  This shows no compassion or support for customers in my mind.

It appears that x10 fails to provide what they advertise in my case.  I paid for software but you are unable to provide it for me saying its my fault.  You advertise I can use the software anywhere in the world but I just cannot download it from your site.  It not my fault and you say its not yours.  You also say I cannot return anything because its been over 30 days but I have had the software problem ever since I got the download information weeks ago.  I will go on your forum and tell them all the problems I have and the failure of x10 to do anything about it.
All I wanted is to be able to use my computer to see my house but you will do nothing about getting me the software I paid for.  Eric, you just dont understand that Im a paying customer and expect to get what I paid for.  I didnt get the digital camera in one of my orders and now after weeks of emails I cannot get my software.  Why dont you send this email to somebody at x10 that cares about their customers
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