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Author Topic: Recording Video with iWitness plugin?  (Read 6709 times)


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Recording Video with iWitness plugin?
« on: December 29, 2008, 09:40:08 PM »

Has anyone ever gotten this software, iWitness, to record a video file for longer than 1 minute?

After much wrestling with it, I finally got it to work and to record video at 29 frames/sec  -:) (i.e. motion was not jerky) but each file was no longer than 1 minute long  :(.  This success, however, was short- lived because for some reason iWitness suddenly just stopped working at 29fps, will now not record longer than a couple seconds, and the playback is in fast motion! :o ??? :'(

Just wondering what other people's experiences are with this software.

I was thinking of trying the new VA12A capture device, to see if there was an improvement, but  I don't think there would be any benefit if the software is so buggy and basically unusable.

Again, what are other people's experience with this software? Is Vanguard any better/worse, especially with respect to the video recording capabilities?
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