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Author Topic: Ninjas -- Not Just For Cameras Anymore  (Read 7524 times)

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Re: Ninjas -- Not Just For Cameras Anymore
« Reply #15 on: January 15, 2009, 01:03:13 PM »

I just did something a little different with a Ninja and thought I might post it here.

Because I have been working on another app for a Ninja: I've been thinking about how when one Ninja moves (pans or tills).. they all do.

I have a Ninja mounted at the roofs peak controlling a NON-X10 IR camera. The camera I have plugged into an appliance module so I can turn it ON/OFF. However the Ninja itself is always ON... and ready to scan. I control this [and everything else] with Voice Command. Although I haven't had any "voice errors" I didn't like the idea of the Ninja being in perpetual scan ether.

So this morning... I put an adapter in the cameras applaince module, then also plugged in the Ninja power supply. Now when I turn on the camera [mounted on the Ninja] the Ninja also responds (the Ninjas power supply defaults to ON). And when the camera is OFF... so is the Ninja.
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