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Author Topic: compact florescent lights flicker when off. also turn on by themselves. Help?  (Read 4263 times)


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I have switched over to compact florescent lights flicker when turned off using the X10 appliance module..
Why is this? What can stop it? (one is right over the bed - annoying)
Do we need an updated appliance module or different light bulbs?

The lights also turn on by themselves. My girlfriend thinks we have friendly ghosts. Help?



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  • I don't work for X10, I use it successfuly!
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I have noticed this as well if I use to low a wattage  CFL!
You may wish to try a different manufacturer as well as some work better then others!
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The new Appliance Modules are less prone to flicker and turning back on.
Sounds like the Local Control Sensing in your modules is triggering them back one and the Sensing Current is also keeping the CFL electronics pulsing.
As a test to see if that is the problem. Use an outlet tap so you can put both the light in question and a small 7 watt incandescent night light on the modules outlet. If the problem is then gone we will know it is the Local Control Circuits.
Let us know the results as some here have cures besides adding a night light.
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