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Author Topic: Had failure which completly destroyed my Hard Drve. Lost all my x10 software  (Read 3000 times)


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Over past eight years I purchased much x-10 camera and surveillance gear. My primary and backup hard drives were destroyed by a voltage spike and I no longer have any software nor the original order numbers. I still have the same email as I did when I made purchases though. I had Xray Vision, Pan and Tilt, Multiview, Firecracker, Video capture, Xray vision remote, and Activehome.  I still have all the equipment----Is there anywhere I can get replacements for this software without having to purchase it all over again? The system I had was Win2000, but the system I am replacing it with is XP. >*<  Can any one help me?


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Call x10 tech support. Be real nice and I bet they will help you.
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Like bitman said...  I am sure X10 will be happy to help.

If I understand your post correctly you plan on using the same PC... only with the XP OS. That should work... but XP sometimes has fits with the old Active Home interface. I notice much of your other software is also a little dated. Actually I think if you search a little you can find free downloads for Xray Vision and Firecracker.

I don't work for X10.. and have nothing to gain or lose ether way. But you might want to consider looking at Active Home Pro and the newer CM15A interface. AHP does require you use X10's video adapter... but it's NEWEST adapter has greatly improved video resolution also.

I recently had a lighting strike in my backyard... I am thankful no one was hurt... but I do feel your pain.
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I talked to X10 customer service once before I bought the AHP software. They told me as long as I have the e-mail, just give them a call and they will let you know the password for the software. BTW, the link to download those software is in the confirmation e-mail.
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