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Author Topic: Hiding an X10 Camera  (Read 31647 times)

dave w

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Re: Hiding an X10 Camera
« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2009, 09:32:54 PM »

Along the same lines of subterfuge, I put mine in empty Coors and Bud cans in front yard and in the concrete blocks proping the wheels of my 1989 Lincoln Mark VII.  The weeds  hide the wires. 

We must think alike!!!

I am giving you a helpful for that great idea! I once again got out my Dremel 9rotary tool).... only this time used a wired Nightwatch camera. I thought I'd use my "dave w beer can camera" to keep an eye on the 1976 Ford Granada (also on blocks). Not that the Granada is so valuable itself... but because it so closely resembles a Mercedes-Benz it may attract questionable types (hedgefund managers?)

Yeah man!! In fact, so hard the wife left and came came home with a bag of Depends! (I probably should not share that, should I?) rofl
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