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Author Topic: ahpeeprom_w: "Inhibit Retrigger" bit ?  (Read 5638 times)


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ahpeeprom_w: "Inhibit Retrigger" bit ?
« on: May 12, 2009, 07:05:03 PM »

3 days in and learning fast and hard about AHP and CM15.
I've been having some issues with repeated macro triggering; Mostly resolved, although not always explicably ....

However, I have noticed the highlighted entry in macro headers, as annotated in ahpeeprom_w.txt:

0x0025:   0x25   00100101   ------------- macro START ---------------------
0x0026:   0x08   00001000   8 bytes long
0x0027:   0x00   00000000   b7: 'off' flag, b6: 'off' RF, b5..0: delay msb
0x0028:   0x00   00000000   delay: 0 s = 00:00
0x0029:   0x01   00000001   1 command(s); b7: inhibit retrigger 'off'
0x002a:   0x60   01100000   -- b7..4: house 'A', b3..0: command 'all units off' --
0x002b:   0x00   00000000   unitcode:
0x002c:   0x00   00000000          |
0x002d:   0x2d   00101101   -------------                 -----------------

Suggests there is a built-in mechanism for -uhh- inhibiting retriggering. Anyone know more about this, like whether you've ever seen an example with inhibit retrigger 'on', what the effect is, and what happened in AHP to set it 'on'? (Or whether this is a red herring!)

Seems like it might be a useful extra tool on the swiss army knife....

Thanks in advance,
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