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Author Topic: Marco's / Chained Commands on One Button With the RF IconRemote  (Read 9405 times)


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Building macro's off of unused Side Keys in the ICONRemote can really expand its functions and do some pretty radival things.

First the basic macro, since it is not really obvious, regardless of Documentation.

Consider you already have a device set up but plenty of Side Buttons to spare, not really hard to do since there are so many, here is how you "chain commands"  on to any button, but really nice for sice buttons!

Pick Setup --> More --> Learn --> Side Keys --> Pick Device --> Pick The Side Key You Want

Example: Turn On TV, Turn On Blu-Ray Player, Create a Delay of 5 Seconds, Pick Input Source on Your TV, Pick Blu-Ray DVD, Exit Menu, Set Blu-Ray to Play.  (This is a Simple one, they can really get radical)

1. Line up the Remote to Teach it the first command in your stream, in this example that would be TV Power
2. Press Power on the TV Remote until you get Sucess.
Now Instead of Done, Pick "Add Key to Macro"
3. Now Line up the Blu-Ray Remote and Press Power On, wait for Sucess
4. Add Key to Marco
5. Push Delay until it gets to 5 Seconds
6. Now Line Up TV Remote and Press Input/Video Source (what ever it is on your TV)
7. Add Key to Macro Again
8. Pick the Video Source, on mine they are numbered, you have to have a way to get to a known point or this kind of macro will not work, if you need to cursor Up/Down/Left/Right, then see if the list rolls, and you can do a buck of cursors to get a known postiion, the crusor to the video source.
9. Add Key to Macro
10. Hit Enter for that Source
11. Add Key to Macro
12. Line up TV Remote and exit from that menu
13. Add Key to Macro
14. Line up Blu-Ray Remote and hit Play
15. Label like TV&Blu-Ray Play

Now you could have all kinds of stuff like TV-& Blu-Ray Tray Open


TV&HT, TV Source=HT, HT Source = DVD, DVD On, Delay, DVD Play

The combinations are endless, and bounded by only your needs and imagination. There may be a limite to the number of chained commands but I have not hit it yet and some of mine are really extensive.

This gives you one button Access to Automate "Themes" as I call them.

In fact I made up a fake device, picked something I don't even own and Labeled it "Themes"

So far I had over 10 and they are growing.

If you want certain fundtions that would not dup will under general set of themes, then use any spare device to then you have all the side buttons to assign as you wish.

The more I dig, the cooler it gets!

Now Please X-10, give me a way to back this thing up!!!



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Re: Marco's / Chained Commands on One Button With the RF IconRemote
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2009, 06:20:29 PM »

Oh remember, once you hit this key on the Icon Remote (ICR) you are teaching a series of command to the only key you hit again in the ICR is OK to learn the next one, since you have already picked the key to trigger it all from.

Then at the end, label and done.
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