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Author Topic: All the right pieces  (Read 7363 times)


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All the right pieces
« on: June 03, 2009, 10:11:33 AM »

Good Morning,

I've been reading these post and have a idea of what I need. Basically I would like to view 6 (maybe more or less) camera's (wired or wireless) on my PC and TV.

PC Items: VA12A <connects to USB2.0 port to convert Video>
              CN19A <connects to USB port, Transceiver >
              Vanguard Software
               Misc Cameras < I assume any camera from X10 will work?>
Not the USB (computer) side, but what does the the CN19A and VA12A attach to??

Computer: I'll be recovering an older PC just for this purpose only, what OS/Version would you recommend? Microsoft, Linux, Ubuntu?

TV Items: No idea here.. But I assume I need some type of transceiver? Also, how are the different cameras displayed on    TV? Each in their own box, or one at a time? 

Any info you have to offer would be great.

Thanks.. Tom.


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Re: All the right pieces
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2009, 10:32:11 AM »

The va12 attaches to a rca jack from the video receiver.  VR36 I believe. There are different models you get.  One with audio or one without.  If you want to view on the pc and tv then you would need 2 video receivers or split the rca jack into 2 and run cable.

The easiest operation system would be windows.  But if you know a lot about Linux than you could probably get it to work.  I've never had any luck with getting it to work with Linux.

The cm19 is the transceiver, and it just plugs into a usb port.  It is wireless and sends a signal to a tm751 or equivalent to put the signal on the powerline to turn the cameras on.  Only one camera can be on a time unless you want to use some type of dvr board and hard wire the cameras.

Yes, you will need a tm751 or equivalent.  If I missed anything, somebody jump in.
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