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Author Topic: Voice dialer (PS561) leds turned on disarmed  (Read 4554 times)


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Voice dialer (PS561) leds turned on disarmed
« on: August 28, 2009, 05:40:53 PM »

I installed a security system 3 months ago without problems
last week my costumer called me because the allarm was not
working, I found that they disconnect the voice dialer
and they connect the alarm again to the module lamp
that's produced  the PS561 memory lost the information.
I had to record all sensors, message and phone numbers again
the alarm was working ok again but yesterday again failed.
in this ocation the voice dialer tuning on the led 8 & 9 (movement sensors)
and one of the doors was on. I tried to fixed changing the batteries but the console PS561
did not respond. I have to take off the batteries and reprogram again.
My question is if this problem is produced by the mistake to connect the dialer to the module lamp
or what is causing that this leds turning on during disarmd position and how can I fix it??

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