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Author Topic: The Two Motion Sensor Floodlight  (Read 5142 times)

HA Dave

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The Two Motion Sensor Floodlight
« on: November 12, 2009, 02:58:25 PM »

I am sure I am not the first person to do this... but I haven't read about this before so I thought I'd post.

The X10 floodlight (PR511) was one of my early Home Automation purchases. First it (besides turning on a couple floodlights) sounded a chime in the master bedroom when the sensor was triggered at night. I liked that! Not only would a prowler be bathed in bright light... but I would be woke up by the chime. This had a high WAF in my home as well, and over the years (I installed the first one about 5 or more years ago) the wife and I have seen deer, raccoon, possum, cats, dogs. I even took pictures of a herd of deer.

I have long since added cameras and the original floodlight turns a camera on as well. I record images and well as email them. And if I am awake and watching TV the camera view displays on the TV as well. I am a big BVC (Bills Voice Commander) fan... so a couple or so years ago I added an inside/OUTSIDE Voice Warning. I even made a YouTube Video to show it off.

But as we all know, most burglaries happen during the day. Of course many intruders are scared off when the alarm sounds.. and that is a good thing. But, I would rather warn them off... BEFORE they break a door or window. So today.. I installed a regular commerical motion sensor to control some lights. Beside it is a X10 (PR511) motion sensor. The PR511 is set to work even in the daylight. It doesn't turn any lights on... it merely triggers X10 codes (and macros).

I am using a series of macros to determend if anyone is home or NOT. (I have been writing about this at my Occupancy Sensing Page.) Although there are many simpler ways to do this... like adding the macro when a DS7000 is armed. I have another goal in mind.

If no one is home... and activity is detected... a (Voice) warning will sound in the DAYLIGHT or night. I am adding some picture taking and such as well. But, if someone is at home we can enjoy the deck, or yard, or mow or garden with no detection or announcements.

All that is required is a PR511 X10 floodlight.
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