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Author Topic: camera resolution  (Read 3937 times)


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camera resolution
« on: January 02, 2010, 10:33:30 PM »

I've been using a wireless Logitech camera for several years with an online web cam program that broadcasts the images.  The reason I like it is that I can just quickly click on it and glance at my cameras (or on the web page from away from home) without bogging my CPU down like AHP and Vanguard seem to do.  It looks like the web cam program could use the input from my X10 cameras, but it says the resolution is too high.  The only choice it gives me is 720 x 480, and any time I've tried to lower the resolution in the X10 software it obviously doesn't help this issue.  The program gives me about 5 different choices for resolution for the Logitech camera.  What am I missing (or is this such a no-brainer that I'm overlooking it)?  I'm using the typical X10 wide eye cameras (model something 19) and the video receiver and VA12A (or whatever the model number is).  Does this make any sense to anybody?  Thanks in advance.
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