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Author Topic: New Product Request: X10 conversion kit Plus.  (Read 6573 times)


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New Product Request: X10 conversion kit Plus.
« on: February 11, 2010, 03:08:32 PM »

Hi, as many have stated the Socket Rocket (LM15A) does appear to be successfully used with CFL bulbs.

I was looking at the LM15A and took it apart.

It gave me an Idea for a product that can be easily/economically made and could serve a number of situations.

The product idea:
  A small sealed circuit board with two wires coming out of it. The circuit board is a modified LM15A circuit board. (I say modified because you may need to up the wattage capacity).

The uses of the product:
1- This product could be attached to any 3 way switch to make a X10 light switch that can be turned off and on via X10 or via the switch(s) itself (themselves).
2- A light switch can be replaced by this module and the switch housing could be covered with a simple cover plate or a X10 SS13A RF StyleSwitch (you could sell this as a kit).
3- When the light switch housing unit is small/tight there is frequently insufficient space for a 1.25"+ deep, full width X10 Light Switch. This unit would most likely fit the tightest of wall housings.

Alternative/additional config to product:
A- Modify the board so that it can convert a standard light switch to X10 and still be controlled by the light switch. That way you don't have to change any of your light switches or can choose whichever light switch model you want. (okay that's a bigger mod of the LM15A but I think it would sell)
B- You could add a jumper/toggle switch to it to add Resistor/draw, to bleed off the X10 signals that sometimes cause CFLs to blink... (I say toggle switch because you don't want to up the electricity bill when this option is not always necessary.)

i- A really big plus is that the shipping and storage costs of these units is so low given the size.
ii- They can even be shipped in bubble envelops. Instead of boxes.
iii- You can fit a bunch (enough to change every switch in the house) in a really small box.
iv- It allows people to have the wall switch they want (or maybe keep what they have)  and still get X10 functionality.

The way I see it, if someone can put in a X10 light switch, they could easily mod their switch with such a device. (Unfortunately UL may disagree)

Note: The kit should probably come with a warning sticker that can be placed on the light switch cover plate, stating it is X10 controlled and max wattage allowed, maybe even a space to but the X10 Code.

You might ask why not just buy the LM15A. Well many of my domed ceiling lamps do not have enough space to fit the device in place. Plus I have 2 hallways with 4 domed lights, I would need 4 LM15A (okay that doesn't exactly warm you up by saying I will reduce your sales, but you may get sales you would not have otherwise).


P.P.S If you like the idea please answer the poll above...

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Re: X10 light switch conversion kit Plus.
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2010, 04:00:20 PM »

Only problem:  X10 won't make it.   They are happy the way things are.   
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