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Author Topic: New Software Project  (Read 2033 times)


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New Software Project
« on: May 02, 2010, 10:11:40 AM »

About a year ago I bought a Rain8 for my sprinkler system and a cm15 to control it. Now most of my home is automated too. Once my neighbors caught wind of what I was doing they all jumped on the wagon.

Having extensive experience writing PHP, MySQL Database programs for about 13 years, I wanted to write my own program for x10 using my neighbors as beta testers. The result is a program anyone can use, simple almost non existent learning curve which is necessary for most households.

Current working features:

GUI interface which runs in a browser.
Optimized for touch screen and mobile browsers, PDA, Smartphone.
Can be accessed over WAN.
Password or Passwordless users.
Each User can be given access/restrictions to 1, more or all House Codes by Program Administrator(s).
Full manual setup through GUI.
Automated setup reads from existing *.ahx file and configures program automatically.
Manual batch GUI allows user to mark a checkbox for multple modules then issue On|Off commands.
Visual slider controls for dimming modules.
Kilowatt hour meter gives total watts being used, cost per hour, day, year.
TTS confirmation of issued commands, can be turned on or off.
Voice recognition, Trigger Macros, On|Off, Dim.
Automated Voice Recon setup, reads your configuration and sets all voice commands automatically.
Xp and Linux version. (I prefer Linux, but XP SAPI will recognize multiple users voices more reliably).

As mentioned, the program will read an existing *.ahx file and configure itself including the voice recognition parts in seconds making deployment fast and easy.

I'm currently working on a home entertainment module and an Asterisk PBX module.

I would like to get input from some of the long time users as to what additional features they would like to see in a program like this as I may release it as Freeware/Donationware to the community soon.

Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions.
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