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Author Topic: Feedback on Using AM466 In Garage To Drive Relay To Power Garage Door Opener  (Read 6104 times)


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Anyone have any feedback on using an AM466 to drive an ice cube relay to power a 1/2 HP garage door opener in a garage in the Florida panhandle? My intent is more on what people think about using an AM466 in the garage with the potential for hot and cold temps as the device is used year round (don't think it can't get cold in the panhandle, because it does). Thanks.


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Several or more post scathered around about the plastic in the 466 getting brittle in the cold and perhaps soft in the heat. This leads to failures and in at least one case cycling twice instead of once and thus ending up in the same start as when triggered.

dave w

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I live in midwest and have several Appliance Modules outside for > 5 years ( from +90 degrees to -15 degrees or so). So far have had no problems. I think the Super Socket receptacles are more problematic. The latching solenoid in the AM appears to be mostly nylon in the moving parts. Don't know if the same is true about the receptacles.
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Brian H

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I also think the appliance modules switch assembly is more rugged. Than the Super Sockets one is.
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