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Author Topic: module to control forward and reverse operation of a low voltage motor 12v~24v  (Read 2453 times)


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I've been searching but haven't found much of an answer.  I find it difficult to believe that something this simple isn't offered from X10.  I'm hoping I'm just overlooking it.  I've seen plenty of people asking for this product, or a variation of it for blinds, projection screens, motorized awnings, an plenty of other applications.  Anyway, hopefully there is something.  I know they have the capability as it wouldn't be any different from a pan/tilt function as far as the circuitry goes, just need to make sure it can handle the higher amperage/voltage. 

anyway, let me know if you guys have any solutions.  By the way, I plan on using for window blind control.


dave w

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I find it difficult to believe that something this simple isn't offered from X10.  Thanks!
X10 offers Universal Modules which will give you a momentery or continous relay closure. Simple or not, unless X10 thinks it will sell high volumes they are not interested in making it. Drape control is not a biggie.

 I use two Appliance Modules to power up drape motor and select direction. This needs some type of conditional logic and flags to execute properly. markets their own style of Univeral Module with two outputs (forward-reverse?) which aslo incorporates status feed back.
They also sell X10 command controlled relays which you can use to trigger your motors.
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