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Author Topic: wireless audio  (Read 7599 times)


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wireless audio
« on: June 03, 2010, 11:32:21 AM »

Hello experts,   is there an x-10 device for sending audio wirelessly? Yesterday I was advised by an x-10 online expert to buy the "x10 ak11a" package. But i don't think she understood what i want to do, which is to take audio from the low impedance  output (headphone jack) on my MAC laptop and send it wirelessly to a 600 Ω input (line in, aux, etc.) of a stereo amplifier that feeds a pair of speakers.  The ak11-a is an mp3 program which is not the same thing, way way not. I just want to be able to take an audio output from any audio device (radio, tv, 16mm movie projector, or  laptop computer) and send it to an audio input of an amplifier feeding a pair of outdoor speakers in the garden.  Commercial hardware to accomplish this is  expensive but it exists, like the devices used in TV studios to feed wireless headphones, or for wireless mikes.  Maybe a system for wireless mikes is the solution, but i don't want to give up on x-10 because everything they sell is great and i know there is something that will work perfectly.
Thanks for your help.

Sincerely. Sufferincats  (

Brian H

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Re: wireless audio
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2010, 12:41:35 PM »

The ak10a is another wireless audio sender and receiver set.
Specifications are not showing in the sales site. So if it matches your signal impedance needs and levels I can not tell.
It looks like it was originall being made for an MP3 player and is now being cleared out or so it looks.

Found two other audio senders. One is the model X10 gave you.
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