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Author Topic: New AHP user needs a little help with macros  (Read 3829 times)


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New AHP user needs a little help with macros
« on: December 27, 2010, 08:50:26 AM »

I just expanded my x-10 system at Christmas to include AHP with all the plug in modules, cm15a and some SS13A's also a few more lamp/appliance modules.  My existing system is an older automation panel from HAI that controls x-10 and also has all my doors and motions hardwired into it.  All my programing/macros have been in the HAI previous.  Trying to get AHP to replace the HAI for most macros but that has proved to be very unreliable so far.  I have wrote macros in the HAI to send X-10 commands when motions are tripped just like an X-10 motion would, in AHP I put a MS14A in the room that I created and set it for the address the HAI was sending and that seems to work great.  Not figured out how to make a bogus door sensor work by doing the same thing figured I could use a phantom appliance module and have the HAI turn it on when door is open and off when closed. 

Now the fun part comes when I try to setup macros with conditions or macros that trigger when example B2 is ON and another that triggers when B2 OFF is sent. Those will make it fail for sure.  My goal was to have the system know if a light was on or off prior to running a macro that way different steps would be taken depending on the status of the light.  Since most x-10 is 1way and the controller has no idea if you cut the light on or off manually that is why I got the SS13A's so that the controller would know that the light has been sent an ON/OFF command.  I tried to create a phantom appliance switch for the each light I had in the system and monitor the phantom light status.  For example I have my wall switch set to E2 I also set the SS13A to E2 and it works both On/Off and Bright/Dim, ok so with that working I now create a macro that when E2 On is triggered to turn on P2 and another macro that when E2 Off is triggered to turn off P2 at this point it all fails. It appears that E2 On trips both macros although I have read that is not the case only looks that way.  But regardless it stops working and not for sure why.  What am I doing wrong?  Any help greatly appreciated.  Also all my wall switches support the softstart feature so I have configured them as the 2 way lamp modules I read in the forums to do that for better results.  My goal is to have macros for example that when outdoor motion is tripped and if light is off then turn the light on and off a few times and stop with it off, and if the light was on then stop the macro with it left on.  My goal was to never touch the wall switch and use only remotes or the ss13a to turn things on or off so system could track it. I would like the dim/bright on the SS13A to work.. I was able to assign it a bogus code and create a macro to turn on/off E2 and P2 that worked but then the Bright/Dim didn't work.


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