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Author Topic: Best way to add a Netflix ROKU box  (Read 7545 times)


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Best way to add a Netflix ROKU box
« on: December 15, 2010, 06:18:16 PM »

How do I do this? There is no category of device that fits it...
And apparently no stored code..


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Re: Best way to add a Netflix ROKU box
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2010, 04:01:54 PM »

Before anyone one considers programming the Nstinct I recommend taking some time to just sit down with it and pretend to be setting things up on it to familiarize yourself with the Nstinct's possibilities for your use. Then to reset remote to how it was when you first installed batteries GO home/setup/more/advanced/clear settings


The learn ability is awesome and for me the Nstinct is worthless without it. You can think of it like this, the Nstinct has all these buttons and you can teach each individual button what you want it to do. For instance, you can created a mode on the Nstinct and title it TV, then teach the volume buttons on the Nstinct the signals from your surround sound remote's volume and also under same mode, grab your cable box remote and teach the Nstinct the channel up/down function.

I had many devices I did this with. My WDTV for example. I have the remote learn the functions necessary from the WDTV (or Roku) remote then so I don't have to change modes, I have the remote learn to control the volume of the tv or surround sound under the WDTV mode. For some of the modes in my Nstinct, I have actually mixed three different remotes under one mode title as to keep from the inconvenience of having to change modes on remote during use.

Before you finish programming and quit you'll want to rename title of mode to Roku. Although, after mode programming, button functions can be edited and learn other operations, I have not found a way to change the mode name without deleting learned mode and starting all over again. I suggest before you put time into teaching the remote the controls of the Roku remote you first get a mode under the "pick mode" function named to Roku THEN after that is completed and saved, teach the Nstinct the Roku's operations.

To create a mode in this order - home/setup/devices and then change type (for generic items as my WDTV I used the IPTV) then go ahead and tell it you know what brand (it doesn't matter because you will use "learn" to edit button functions later), AND ONCE YOU SEE "Save Code" YOU WILL ALSO SEE TO BOTTOM LEFT "Label" AND THIS IS WHERE YOU NAME YOUR MODE SO THAT WHEN YOU SELECT MODE IT WILL READ "Roku".

To teach/edit a learned mode's functions in this order - home/setup/learn/side keys or main keys/then mode.

I have 3 nstinct remotes and love them. I have also spent over an hour teaching each one what I want them to do. I have even taught one to control my Vista Media Center on my HTPC. My htpc is my only device where I still keep my candy bar cursor remote out for use because even though I was able to teach the Nstinct remote cursor controls with the numbers circling around the 5 (like 2 was up and 8 was down and 1 was up and to left etc.) it was still quite a pain and couldn't browse the web worth a crap.

My first hour or so with the Nstinct was extremely unproductive as far as constructive programming but as I became familiar with its capabilities, I became aware of its functionality and how I would put it to best use for me. Its a fun device. I love all the icons, not only for the tv favs but the x10 controls, and the ability to label anything what you want.

My only complaint about the Nstinct is that when you press the his or her button it only goes to Favs or the x10 shortcuts you have programmed in it. It should additionally respond, so that if I am on my WDTV mode, the 3rd press will return it to the side button controls I have programmed under the WDTV mode which was where the display was before the his or her was pressed.
And FYI, I didn't read this anywhere and I'm sure we all learn this, when the his/her buttons bring up the x10 shortcuts, the channel up/down turns the highlighted x10 device on/off easily.
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