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Author Topic: Need modification for AM12 (disable local control feature and current burst)  (Read 6347 times)


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I would like to disable local control feature and the small current bursts on my AM12.

I have found instructions for other modules but none for this one and the board is quite different than what I found.

Could someone please let me know what diode I should cut in order to do this ?


Brian H

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Since the AM12 is for European markets. That maybe why you can't find the data.
I will look around and see what I can find, but if it is like our later CFL friendly appliance modules. It does not have any local control and the small current on the outlet. Used for determining if the switch is On or Off can not be removed. If that sensing current is removed. The module fires a few time trying to see where it is at.

Can you verify your AM12 has Local Control?
By connecting a lamp to it. Turning Off the AM12. Then turning the local switch on the light from On to Off and back to On. If the module stays Off. Then your AM12 does not have Local Control only the small sensing current.

Can you find the Date Code of the AM12? It maybe on a small round white sticker.
On the Marmitek site. It indicated below 04D?? and above 07D14 do have Local Control.
X10Europe indicates their AM12E also has Local Control.
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Hello Brian,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I have made the test you asked me and yes the AM12 has Local Control. I plugged an AM12 with a 3W LED and the LED is blinking while the AM12 is off. Clicking two times on the switch between the AM12 and the LED makes the AM12 switch on and the LED is then fully on.

There is indeed a small round white sticker on the back of the module. It says : 09J43

Best regards
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