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Author Topic: Front Porch Visitor Chime  (Read 7672 times)


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Front Porch Visitor Chime
« on: January 18, 2011, 10:39:57 AM »

I recently installed a MS16A on my front porch to trigger a remote chime to act as a doorbell and alert me when someone is there. Problem was, the chime would go off every few seconds as long as someone was on the porch. It was also annoying to listen to multiple chimes as someone left the house. Too many chimes! So here is the macro I came up with to stop multiple chimes.

AHP - 3.304
Runs from interface

Using MS16A set to A1

Macro 1:
Frt Porch Chime

Trigger & Conditions:
A1 On and Flag Status Off - 2

Set Flags [2]
Turn Kitchen Chime A15 ON
Turn Office Chime A16 ON
Wait for 1 minute
Clear Flags [2]

Now, when the motion is detected a flag will be set for 1 minute. If the stupid salesman is still there after a minute I will get another chime, but hopefully he will leave after 2 minutes.

To solve the problem of hearing the chimes when someone leaves the house, I came up with these macros. These use the ds10a on the front door which trigger a phantom module that in turn triggers the no chime macros. Because I'm using a security sensor, these must run from the pc. Macros 2 and 3 were already setup for my frt door open turn on living room light macros.

Phantom Module:
Phantom Module P1

Macro 2:
Frt Door Open Light On

Trigger & Conditions:
Front Door Zone 1 - Sensor Triggered

Turn Phantom Module P1 ON

Macro 3:
Frt Door Closed Light Off

Trigger & Conditions:
Front Door Zone 1 - Sensor Closed

Turn Phantom Module P1 OFF

Macro 4:
Frt Door No Chime

P1 - On

Set Flags [2]

Macro 5:
Frt Door No Chime 2

P1 - Off

Wait for 1 minute
Clear Flags [2]

So these two macros work with the flag set in Macro 1. If I open the front door to leave, then P1 is turned on and Flag 2 is set. So when motion on the front porch is detected by me leaving the house it sees Flag 2 IS NOT clear and macro 1 will not run. When I close the door I have 1 minute to move away from the porch and Flag 2 is cleared so macro 1 can once again run.

I still get a chime when one of the family members come home, but I will hear the security system disarm either at the same time as the chime or right after. So I know it's someone coming home and not another stupid salesperson or missionary.
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