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Author Topic: 4 Hour Timer Workaround  (Read 7332 times)


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4 Hour Timer Workaround
« on: April 19, 2011, 04:47:18 PM »

AHP 3.311
Runs from interface

     I have created several Macros which can create timers longer than 4 hours.  I use these as a charging mechanism to turn a charger on and then off at a specified interval based on my needs.  For example, I need to charge my Black and Decker car starter, which essentially is a rechargeable battery, every so often to keep it topped off.  A mechanical timer wired to an outlet is O.K., but sometimes you need variable intervals with times longer than the switch can provide.  These timers prevent you from having to remember to come back and add more time later.  You push one button and let the Macros do the rest.  I posted this back in 2008, but the attached files went M.I.A.  I am attaching a .doc file.  If I add a screenshot file, then it's too large for the forum.  My instructions take you through creating an 8 hour timer by combining Macros.  If you want something longer, then those instructions are further down the instructions page.

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