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Author Topic: Voice Dialer Console PS561 - Ooma problem - can't dial "*" or "#" characters  (Read 3514 times)


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Like some other users, I am trying to use my new X-10 alarm system with VOIP and am struggling. It appears that I need to enter two pauses and a " *99 " sequence before the phone number that my X-10 Voice Dialer Console PS561 dials out, which as I understand it places the Ooma in "fax" mode, turning off compression and slowing the thing down.  ...trouble is, there is no " * " or " # " key on the PS561, and no way to enter a pause like we used to do when programming a modem back in dial-up days.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Is there a way to run Ooma in fax mode all the time, keying in some other sequence for making regular phone calls but leaving "fax" mode as the default? (I haven't tinkered around with Ooma's setup page yet.) Is there some handy-dandy box for sale that will magically cure my ills?

Other than that, the alarm works great.
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