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Author Topic: Automation Showcase Please Read!  (Read 28439 times)


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Automation Showcase Please Read!
« on: June 18, 2008, 02:32:16 PM »

This Section for experienced users and beginners to Showcase there setups, Not how do I do this posts!

List your inventory and explain in as much detail as you can just how Automated your home truly is!
Brag about what you've done!
Posts pics and or video links!
Many users here have very elaborate set ups and some are just like mine (small)! ;)
Even with my small setup I still get "How did you do that?" or "Wow, I'd like to do that!" responces! rofl
So no mater how large or small your setup is, share it with the community!
 -:) If you have already posted small excerpts about your setup Link to the post rather then retyping, it will save you some time!
 -:) As you add to your setup you can update your thread!
If your an installer post some sample homes you've done it may lead to more work comming your way!
Found some new Hardawre/software you use be sure to mention where to find it!
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