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Author Topic: Lousy GUI for AHP 3.306  (Read 10918 times)


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Re: Lousy GUI for AHP 3.306
« Reply #30 on: March 20, 2011, 12:24:18 AM »

  Yes, I realize it is graphical based, but even other sw packages that are graphical are resizable.
  Look at windows for example...
  You can change the font size, scroll bar width/color, window title bar size/color/text size and font... for instance.
  If the font is a truetype font, they are sizeable also.
  This is what I am referring to for resizing.
  I have looked for, and not found, where the icons for the modules are stored.  My guess is that the icons are embedded in the ahp.dll, since it is a very large file.
  Are the sounds configurable as well?  There is no entry in the sounds control panel for AHP sounds.  Is there an entry in ahp_config.xml that could be added and changed?
   Just a few questions that I want to throw out there if someone has looked before for a solution.
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