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Author Topic: Door lock  (Read 36257 times)

HA Dave

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Re: Door lock
« Reply #30 on: November 16, 2011, 07:48:34 AM »

I have read that Bill Gates home is automated using RFID tags. Family members can travel about the home with lighting, climate control, and even their favorite music traveling with them.

I believe there are many possible benefits that could be realized by better intergrating RFID. Of course my home and lifestyle doesn't require roaming climate control... but more occupancy sensing would be nice. I like the idea of doors locking and unlocking as I enter and exit. Many so-called "break-ins" don't involve breaking anything. Thieves merely walk into homes with doors left open and/or unlocked. Good automation (like RFID) adds a lot of safety and security. I hope to see more RFID options as time goes by.
Home Automation is an always changing technology
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