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Author Topic: Seems socket rocket works fine with fluorescent, only lamp module has issue.  (Read 2757 times)


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Is that true? I thought only application module or WS13A works with fluorescent.

Brian H

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The Appliance Modules and the relay type wall switches are made for CFLs and other non incandescent loads.

The Lamp modules and dimming wall switch's will not work correctly with a CFL or non incandescent load.

A lamp module may work with a dimmable CFL or LED bulb. Again exact model of bulb may influence the out come.
A two wire X10 dimmer wall switch will not work with dimmable CFLs and other loads. As it steals power through the load.

The Socket Rocket is made for incandescent type bulbs as it uses the same electronic part to turn it on and off.
Since it does not dim. Some have found a CFL will work in them. Though it depends on the exact model of CFL. Some work, some do not.
X10 officially says Incadescent only and if you use a CFL and it fails or overheats. You are on your own as X10 said not to do it.
Also some CFLs may make enough noise. That you can turn it on but not off.
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