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Author Topic: Airpad Review from DannyK  (Read 7266 times)


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Airpad Review from DannyK
« on: October 17, 2011, 11:11:46 AM »

This is my third tablet and my second 7 inch. Previously I owned the wintec tablet and I can tell you the X10 airpad blows away the wintec tablet. The videos and music are excellent on this unit. You must down load the free MX video player which is the best available. The wi fi works mint. I use the virgin mobile mi fi so I can get internet anywhere! For internet I downloaded the HD Dophin browser. Heywire for unlimited texting, angry birds, ms pacman, tank hero, pinball deluxe, pandora, Netflix and many more!! Only con is I wish it had blue-tooth and with skype the software is looking for a rear camera so at this time it does not work till they give us the option to switch to front camera.  Also if you want a on screen volume control go to market and type volume control rubberbigpepper and you will be able to add a cool screen volume control. That's it! Simply put this is a great tablet!
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