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Author Topic: AHP Logging - what actually gets logged, and when?  (Read 1230 times)

MD Corie

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AHP Logging - what actually gets logged, and when?
« on: November 26, 2011, 09:25:32 AM »

This question arose out of a discussion under SmartMacros, but seemed to be a topic of its own, so I'm putting it here:

Can anyone explain what things actually get logged (assuming that all logging options are enabled)?

This question stems from points raised about the possibility that some actual commands (either PLC or RF) may not be detected by the CM15A for various reasons, and therefore would not get logged.  So, I'm wondering what circumstances would result in "missed" log entries.  The one mentioned was cases of command "collisions", where two simultaneous PLC or RF commands essentially suppess each other, and thus do not get logged.  Are there also other circumstances that would cause commands not to be logged?  And would such cases result in "partially" logged commands - which might cause confusion for the uninitiated?

I'm also curious what gets logged if a macro tries to issue a command that "collides" with a simultaneous command coming from some other device?

And also, the question comes to mind of what commands get logged when a macro is running;  what I mean is, does it just log the command that the macro is trying to send out, or does it log the actual PLC or RF command that really occurs on the powerline or in the ether?

Similarly, do all executed macro steps actually get logged?  (In other words, is the log a reliable way to trace the execution of a macro - or does the log show only detected physical commands?)  (Note:  Is there any way to actually trace the execution of a macro, regardless of what effect collisions may have on physical commands?)

Also, are there any other nuances of logging that I should be aware of while trying to make sense of what the log tells me while I'm trying to troubleshoot problems?
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