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Author Topic: Iwatchout on Vista - 500 Error XServer: Invalid parameters  (Read 5171 times)

joe d

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Iwatchout on Vista - 500 Error XServer: Invalid parameters
« on: February 11, 2012, 02:16:42 PM »

I am Running AHP 3.318 on Vista and I've imported my camera settings from Vanguard. The wired camera works fine (some flicker) when I click on Go Live within AHP, but when I try to Invite a Cell phone, and open a browser to  I get the error, "500 Error XServer: Invalid parameters". The 3G url doesn't work either.

I've read on the forum that the VA11A drivers are not Vista compatible and that X10 is not coming out with any new ones. Is this my problem or will the Port Forwarding solution work in this case? I think the problem is Vista not opening up the correct port or server, but could use some help here.


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