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Author Topic: What components are needed for Vanguard?  (Read 5793 times)


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What components are needed for Vanguard?
« on: April 29, 2012, 04:21:15 AM »


Through the years I have bought a lot of x10 components and software, but never got around to using any of them.  Decided to begin with Vanguard.

After looking through some of the options for Vanguard after installing the program I noticed that it is possible to not only switch between a lot of cameras / views, but to also operate a Ninja pan-and-tilt base.  It seems to me that to do all of that I would need to get something like ActiveHome Pro because it has a transmitter that plugs in to the typical 110 V AC outlet, but don't know for sure if I need activehome pro and its parts and software.  I have activehome pro along with the usb-connected device that goes into the outlet; several wireless cameras; a few motion sensors; a VA11A video converter; and I believe a serial port version of the usb activehome pro transmitter / receiver thing.

So, what do I need to use Vanguard and its features such as controlling a ninja pan-and-tilt base and the ability to cycle through more than one camera?

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