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Author Topic: Windows 7 w AHP 3.318 VA12A Shows Working in Device MGR - AHP Doesn't See VA12A  (Read 5543 times)


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I have a working x10 system with no problems...until I decided to add video. my system:

Win7 Ultimate
AHP 3.318
Smart Macros
My House Online
Active PhonePro (not in use yet)

X10 Equipment:
CM11A Interface
V572A with PSC05 Interface (2 way)
IR543AH v2 all Housecode IR Command Centre
UR74A Remote Control
Assorted dimmers
Assorted inwall outlets
VA12A USB Interface
VR36A Video Receiver
CR12A Scan Cam Remote
XX20A Camera

I can see the camera when I plug into the output of the VR36A on my monitor- Picture is useable
All equipment set to HC "C" and Camera is C2 ( I downloaded a cheat sheet to setup the equipment and have triple checked all settings.
The VA12A shows up in Device MGR with no exclam and shows working properly. I have tried to reload the driver and Windows reports that it up to date.
I get the following error message when I start AHP 3.318 "...AHP is unable to connect to the USB video capture device..."

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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