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Author Topic: AirPad XL how do peolpe like it?  (Read 9221 times)


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AirPad XL how do peolpe like it?
« on: February 10, 2012, 02:05:27 AM »

To all you who own the AirPad XL how do you like it? Have you upgraded to the latest version of Android be it Ice Cream Sandwich or the most recent Android Honey Comb? Is it a good product or do you regret purchasing it?
How is the performance of it is it unbearably slow to the point of aggravation or is it slow but can be tolerated or does it have quick response time? I played with some Tablets at Best Buy by Samasung Asus Acer and Toshiba and some had slow response but not to the point of a cheap Big Lots $99 Tablet but still not as responsive as a IPAD but others had good response time and even the IPAD Was not instant response time like one would expect from a 500 plus 16 GB un expandable Tablet device.
What about the screen? Is it bright and crisp and does it have a good viewing angle or do you have to be spot on right in front of it in order to see it clearly? How is the WIFI performance? Does it have poor range or can you get a decent signal even if you are downstairs or outside you home in the front or back yard?

At Best Buy Most 10 inch Tablets were 350 and  or more one 7 inch was 269 but online Best Buy had a Lenovo Idea Pad K1 10 inch tablet for 319 but was not in stock and the best price I could find on line was 325 so my point is that most tablets cost more then 350 and no 10 inch Tablets cost less then 300 other then the X10 AirPad that I can't find any reviews on. B:(
Of course it sounds awesome on X10's Webpage but of course it dose after all they are not going to say "This is a poor quality Tablet that is not worth 250"
250 for a 10 inch Tablet with all the features the AirPad has sounds too good to be true and I might end up being a disappointed with it and wished I'd  saved my 250 plus shipping because I would have been better off keeping that 250 or buying some other fun gadget thing or just not spend the 250 bucks and save it.  :)
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Re: AirPad XL how do peolpe like it?
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2012, 10:53:51 AM »

I have the Airpad XL and it is slow.Forget about Youtube videos. The one I have will not play them. It will play some video clips, but not Youtube. I have been trying to get an OS upgrade. So far I have been unable to do that.  B:(


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Re: AirPad XL how do peolpe like it?
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2012, 12:31:10 PM »

 if you do a search in these forums you will find images for the XL. many people have tried different images and should be able to help you out. I am running the CM9 stuff that there r links for in these forums.

message me if you can't find them and i will help you.

If I have helped you please click on "Helpful Post" under my name to the left. Thank you.


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Re: AirPad XL how do peolpe like it?
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2012, 08:51:51 PM »

I got a rebuilt for I don't feel ripped but x10 promise of ICS never came through. Thank goodness for the guys who've hacked a better os then what comes with the XL.  If you want a good stable fast the 0031 image and follow the update instructions.   I probably would have been happier with a 7inch that has bluetooth ans ice.  For $300 or less.  Boarderlin on value here.


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Re: AirPad XL how do peolpe like it?
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2012, 12:26:30 AM »

 >*<well, it 100 on a,100 pure junk.
There support is crap. Am sure salespeaple are on commision only. I was lied to. The hardware is inferior..They take 0 responsibility for any failures whatsoever.i am extremely surprised they are still open for business.
#1: before purchasing i called to confirm bluetooth .  That bull****
#2: aThey told me i could return within 30 days for refund. They denied this.
#3: Does not work with canadian cell service providers, again they denied salesperson confirmed this.
#4: power port  went defective within a month, no abuse as always played with in bed, lmao,no no, while relaxing.
#5: usb port is busted.used that maybe 8 times for about 10 minutes.
Originaly purchasedit to oprate with x10 4 ip cameras, still no go as my ip wont allow it, and x10 site wont connect to canada.
As far as customer support? Thats even more a joke than the crap they sell.
6:  why do you think they have now a licensing iss7e google apps? Maybe they wont pay contract aggreement or they originaly hackedit?  I am just guessing on this one
Would i recommend them? Maybe for there execution.
Dont make same mistake as i.
If it looks to good to be trie,  it usualll...............................!!!!!!
keep good all
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