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Author Topic: Recording issues/problems  (Read 6012 times)


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Recording issues/problems
« on: November 30, 2012, 01:42:11 PM »

I am having what seems to be a common problem with video recording and I wanted to see if some one has some idea's or what other folks are using for their video recording software.

I had AHP 3.18 and re-installed fresh with AHP 3.16 now or currently with iWatchout, iWatch Mobile pro, Myhouse and Smart Macros installed on a Windows XP pro SP3, Dell Vostro 200 box with 2GB RAM, dual core E2160 @ 1.80Ghz CPU, Intel GMA 3100 video card with 128MB and a dedicated USB 2.0 2TB hard drive for the video recordings.  I have the Nightwatch b/w camera on a Ninja base with the A/V receiver and the VA11a.

My problem or issue is that the video recordings are not reliable at all.  I have tried recordings with Macros and just plain manual recording within AHP.  Sometimes the recordings will show up on the drive and mostly they do not, even though AHP shows the little recording icon giving the recording state.  I have searched the forums and found a few things but to no prevail.


I have tried all codec's, also I downloaded and installed DIVX codec to try, reconfigured the settings numerous  times and nothing seems to work.  I currently have AHP take 5 second snapshots to simulate a video recording which is alright, not ideal, as I would rather prefer a true video.

I tried to be specific but if I missed anything, I apologize; let me know if you need more detail.
With all this said, what suggestions, idea's or software are folks using to record video from their X10 cameras?


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